Kaylynn + Connor

When I first met Kaylynn over coffee she was the most beautiful glowing momma to be!  It was pretty early on in her planning, and an exact location wasn't nailed down but she wanted to get a photographer ASAP. She had such a genuine smile and personality and I knew that wherever the wedding was, it was going to be amazing and I totally wanted in. A few months later the location changed from in-town wedding to a more intimate, secluded area (with killer views) outside of Auburn, California. Kaylynn was worried I wouldn't want to go that far and was so sweet to call and see if I still wanted to do the wedding, UMMM DUH! I LOVE exploring to new places for weddings! She even offered to put me up for the night AND she told me to bring my family (I'm not kidding guys, she's just super sweet). 

I left the kiddos and family at home (photogs, can you picture bringing your wild kiddos along with you to a wedding?! CHAOS!) and unfortunately couldn't stay overnight -- but it was such a a wonderful day! Connor is equally as genuine of a soul as Kaylynn and he is so in love with his beautiful bride. They really are such a wonderful and kind couple. There was lots of laughter, lots of love and a very welcoming vibe from all around. The venders were amazing, the food was delicious and the smoke from all the Cali fires even cleared from the valley for the ceremony! Insane! 

I wanted to share some photos of their day on the blog for a few reasons: one being I sincerely couldn't stop smiling while editing these photos. All the memories of the day leave me grinning. This is always a good sign.

Two, I think this album serves as sort of a great sampling to my take on wedding photography. 

Often when I meet with brides I describe my style as one part documentary and one part guided moments.

What that means is if I can stay out of a moment and simply capture -- I will.

In my ideal world I wear a cape of invisibility and walk around without anyone knowing I'm there capturing authentic moments as they happen -- but unless anyone has an invisibility cape I can borrow thats off the table for now.

 This is where the guided moments comes in. I may ask the ladies toast champagne on the bed and do their best fake laugh (which by the way 99% of the time lead to a sincere laugh). I may ask the bride and groom to hold hands, close their eyes and go in for a kiss with their eyes closed (which will 99% of the time lead to very sincere smiles as everyone worries about bumping faces). I also do things like pick one table at receptions to be my "cheering table" and encourage them to be the loudest at a grand entrance or to remember to smile during the champagne toasts but I leave the rest up to them. These are just a few examples of how I try to structure a wedding day. 

Its a delicate song and dance of trying to only guide when necessary, but also when I do guide -- do it with as little footprint as possible. We want as much authenticity as we can get. 

As I move around SO MUCH during weddings I try to keep my gear light, which means I rely almost always on natural light until the sun goes down. Which, in my opinion, adds to the documentary feel of the day. Often I will add a LITTLE grain (noise) to a photo, either during shooting by adjusting my settings or in post. Adding a LITTLE grain to me always feels like you're adding a memory to a photo -- like you've marked it in time somehow. Sometimes adding a touch of imperfection is just what a photo needs to be perfect.

So, who is this style a good fit for? In my opinion, anyone. The vast majority of my clients are not models, they are beautiful souls hoping to capture their day in photos. I find that a prompt based approach helps loosen people up. When I micromanage every detail down to the angle of the pointer finger, I find that the average person stiffens and feels uncomfortable. A prompt based and candid style allows people to feel comfortable enough to open up. Some days I feel like I'm just as much a part of the wedding party as anyone else.

Take a look at some of my favorite moments from Kaylynn and Connors day! 

Kaylynn -- thank you for trusting me with your big day. You have a fantastic crew in your corner and the love of many! It was an honor to be by your side on your wedding day. 



Ashleigh Harvey