I fell in love with lifestyle photography before I even knew what it was. I was redecorating the living room and trying to update my picture gallery. I looked at the photos framed on our wall and they felt disingenuous, posed -- not us. I took out all of the photos and replaced them with ballet recitals, pictures of my kids opening presents, a photo of my husband chatting with our youngest daughter by the fire and a picture of my daughters watching the sunset. 

It felt better, it felt real. Even though many of the moments were semi-staged, they all portrayed a truth behind them, a glimpse of who we were as a family -- this is the definition of lifestyle photography.

Booking a lifestyle session with me means that we work together to create and preserve a time capsule of memories. The hope is that in 40 years you can look back and recall all of the beautiful things big and small which made that point in time special; like a child's favorite blanket, a special place you enjoy walks as a family or even your first home. 

I offer standard shoots as well as maternity, newborn and first year packages.

1 Hour Lifestyle Shoot $125

First Year Package | $600