“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.” ― Brigitte Bardot

Love is my favorite. I love, love!

If you’re saying “I do” at a wedding surrounded by all of your friends and family dancing the night away, or if you’re scaling a mountain to elope at sunrise or sunset — I’ll be there for you. I’ll capture all the details, refill you champagne, make photos one of the most magical parts of the day — not a chore you and your spouse have to suffer through.

No really. I promise. We will have a great time. Even your spouse who hates photos. I’ll win ‘em over.

I’ll be your your honorary bridesmaid (actual review from a beloved bride). I’ll be in your corner, by your side, your biggest cheerleader, the preserver of your timeless moments. Theres a good chance I’ll cry and a 100% chance at the end you can call me, friend.

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